About this Project
About this project

The client wanted to streamline their complex utility bill management system with an end-to-end digital solution that simplifies public officials' entire payment acceptance process and ensures exceptional digital commerce experience across all touchpoints, particularly for the communities they serve. We provided the client with a transition from a legacy system to an advanced citizen engagement and utility payment solution, "UtiliyConnet."

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    Digital Strategy, Customer Experience, UX Design, UI Design
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    North America South Asia
About Client
About the client

The client is a leading provider of integrated payment and frictionless commerce solutions that help businesses accept and make payments, expedite the receipt of money, and increase operating efficiencies. The company processes payment across credit/debit card, ACH, and check, making it a top payment processing provider in the US. The client serves over 100,000 customers through over 2,000 key distribution partners focused on targeted, high-growth industry verticals.

About the ClientAbout the Client

Taking on From Legacy Systems

As an integrated payment solution provider, the client wanted to deliver a smooth onboarding experience to its platform's customers (municipalities and private utilities) and citizens. The company aimed to empower its customers with advanced billing and collection management systems while ensuring improved citizen engagement, payment security, personalized digital features such as notifications, and multilingual capabilities.

Legacy applications and outdated systems hindered the client’s transition to new technologies. Moreover, technical backlog, operational inefficiency, and complex navigation impacted the customer registration process and, at the same time, increased the cost of system maintenance.

Our strategy team assessed the business's current state of digital maturity and application infrastructure. During the process, our technology experts also provided a comprehensive report demonstrating the areas of immediate improvements and high-performing corners that would result in tremendous digital success. Leveraging the Successive Advantage, we helped them launch an aspiring citizen engagement and utility billing solution, "UtilityConnect.”

Outcomes That Exceeded Clients Expectations

Utilizing our industry-leading cloud capabilities and global expertise in handling fintech complexities, we helped the client build a strong business strategy across key engagement pillars to transform operating models and customer experience like never before. 

Our team helped the client design and deploy a successful feature-rich payment and billing solution that seamlessly integrated with the business current ecosystem, at the same time extended ease of transactions to public offices and municipalities. The users were able to experience automated workflows and transparent communication medium that enabled easier billing management and created higher brand satisfaction rate.

We enabled powerful UI/ UX features that elevated the performance and platform experience by reducing the billing error rate by over 90% and increasing operational efficiency by 78%. Through UtilityConnect, the client introduced new payment options, third-party integrations, and advanced features such as “Auto Pay” and “Text to Pay,” with an added layer of IP protection and data security.

Providing results that exceeded the client’s expectations
  • Accomplished the goal of onboarding 10 municipalities per year from 2 municipalities.
  • Optimized application source code by up to 90% to reduce the error rate while increasing operational efficiency by 78%.
  • Minimized downtime for better fault tolerance.
  • Reduced the time and cost required to build, test, and release new applications.
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