About this Project
About this project

As technology continues to evolve, customers' purchasing patterns are also transforming from traditional brick-and-mortar stores to online commerce. The client discovered the significant potential to accelerate its existing line of elementary educational material onto mobile devices along with its physical retail locations and website. We helped clients thrive through complex business architecture, challenging data flows, and legacy operations to custom-build an e-commerce platform, extending greater ease, expanding the catalog, and increasing the experience for its customers.

  • Scope
    Digital Strategy, Customer Experience, UX Design, UI Design, M-Commerce
  • Region
    North America
About Client
About the client

The client is one of the largest retailers and online suppliers of educational materials, with more than 60 stores in 29 states. They developed 70% of learning materials in-house. Through the online platform, they provide top-quality educational materials for early childhood programs, elementary schools, and homes nationwide. Their basic principle is to listen to customers and meet their needs by offering customized solutions.

About the ClientAbout the Client

Diagnosing Customer-centric Alignment

As one of the leading educational material providers in the region, and considering the significance of smart ecommerce, the client wanted to tap its new customers with an easy-to-use mobile application. At the same time, the company also wanted to provide a seamless cross-platform experience to its existing and new customers via its chain of retail stores and online mediums.

Complex data flows, fragmented product catalog, and legacy operations challenged the client’s ability to handle sales volume and peak demand during the new academic year. Moreover, the traditional mode of product sale developed a competitive gap with other players promoting online shopping options.

Our strategy team identified the immediate improvement areas, including the clients’ need to launch an iOS app to tap the mobile-friendly customers and extend a new avatar of the shopping experience to buyers. We also developed a detailed user-centric digital roadmap to transform the existing operational models and unsynchronized data architecture with advanced technology. With the help of our technology experts, we begin implementing innovative solutions to the company’s existing IT setup and, in parallel, design a robust, scalable, and reliable application interface.

Winning Through Digital Experience

Utilizing Successive Advantage and hands-on expertise in building some of the world’s best mobile applications, we helped the client launch a new fully-featured m-Commerce app initially for the iOS platform and later for Android. Additionally, our strategy experts executed an enterprise-wide transformation plan to streamline operations and introduce an analytics-based performance management system for in-store and online sales.

While performing the comprehensive accessibility assessment, we also assisted the client in making the new application ADA (American Disability Act) compliant with the accessibility inspector. Ensuring synchronization at scale across the store, web, and mobile, our design team created innovative UI/ UX modules to deliver exceptional experience across all platforms. 

With a new and confident innovative application, the client was able to generate new revenue streams, offer instant loyalty programs, and extend users to transact via multiple modes of payments. The app received 100K+ downloads with a 4.9 rating on app stores. To ensure operational excellence, our team tied advanced order management and fulfilment solution with cross-platform functionality, capable of handling large volumes of traffic and accommodating peak demand with ease.

Providing results that exceeded the client’s expectations
  • Increase in online sales with mobile applications by 15%
  • Reduced the marketing cost by 20% 
  • Touched 100K userbase has been in 6 months of the application launch.
  • Apple App Store prioritized Lakeshore iOS applications like in-app visibility.
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