About this Project
About this project

The client acquired multiple businesses to cater to a large section of its audience and extends its existing portfolio on a global scale. The company wanted to unify its multi-vendor system on a common platform, onboarding its new users to a modernized and centrally controlled platform while ensuring business continuity over traditional services. We provided the client with a robust cloud-based architecture to support the union of multiple businesses and serve its users with a single operating model with advanced digital features while enabling a seamless transition of the existing line of services over a more efficient custom-built application.

  • Scope
    Current State Assessment, Digital Strategy, Customer Experience, Reporting & Analytics, Revenue Monetization
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    North America Europe
About Client
About the client

The client has been a leading provider of mission-critical solutions to the global shipping community for over a decade. The company extends its advanced voyage informatics platform to international customers, which delivers unified data from ship, shore, engine, and environment, generating immediate and profitable outcomes for the modern fleet.

About the ClientAbout the Client

Building Powerful Digital Platforms

The client wanted to extend more convenient and centralized application for its users with advanced features, delivering exceptional connected experiences across all data points. The company intended to onboard its new users on a unified platform; it acquired two other businesses while helping its existing users to experience a modernized application interface of its legacy platforms.

The company wanted to build a new innovative application comprising all the capabilities of its newly acquired businesses and seamlessly navigate data from its existing platforms onto the new one without challenging the business continuity.

Our strategy professionals conducted current state assessments of all the business units. They created a robust plan to design a super application to integrate multiple solutions into a single, smart platform. With the help of our technology experts, separate risk assessment and process improvement programs were designed to modernize the existing line of solutions and transform legacy applications with improved performance.

Leading The Innovation from Front

We employed our global transformative expertise in handling the data complexities of the client’s existing solutions, and helped modernize multiple features that increased the experience of existing users. Through Successive Advantage, we also enabled custom-build design and development engineering to launch a new application that would feature the benefits of company’s recent acquisitions, at the same time provide world-class modern fleet solutions to its existing and new users.

Scalable and easy-to-use smart application, featuring customized dashboards, data visualization, and ready-made programmable building blocks were configured to help users experience one-stop shipping and voyage informatics anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Automated data ingestion process using AWS Glue helped the company reduced the client onboarding time.

Successive innovation-led powerful product strategy assisted the client in the integration of new digital features such as fuel and emission optimization and reporting, sea state and weather routing, correlated data stream analysis, and ship track and performance, extending a competitive edge and new revenue stream in the global shipping and logistics market.

Exceeding Onboarding Experience

The client's user satisfaction and experience level increased significantly with a new unified application interface and digitalized legacy systems. The application also featured real-time performance monitoring, weather routing and forecasting, sensor integration, vessel tracking, monitoring, and reporting. The users can also use speed & consumption claims, automated alerts, ship security, and piracy incident reports to optimize fleets.

Successive consulting and design solutions helped the company offer an efficient platform to its users that can ingest, unify, and visualize billions of data points and scales to accommodate future demands and data volumes while maintaining complete consistency in output.

Providing results that exceeded the client’s expectations
  • Increased build frequency by up to 80%, reducing defect leakage into the production environment.
  • UI/UX enhancements increase engagement, higher satisfaction and improved customer retention.
  • Helped improve decision-making by providing real-time access to critical information.
  • Improved platform stability and reliability by migrating from Java to .Net.
  • Real-time visibility enablement of unified metrics collected from various monitoring tools.
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